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A Stark Difference Between Mayoral Candidates

Julia Hanna opens the Ward 3 debate by laying out the differences between her approach and policies for Oakville and Mayor Burton’s.

“Hanna was clear and passionate. I liked what I heard. She has a plan.”


Debate Observer. Ward 3 Resident

No Revitalization Plan from Mayor Burton

The Mayor has no plan to revitalize Downtown Oakville: Julia takes on this and the value of creating a Central Park that everyone can enjoy from Glen Abbey in passionate closing remarks that win the crowd of the Ward 3 debate.

“I’m worried about Downtown. I didn’t realize the Mayor didn’t have a plan for revitalization at all. His plan is to rip up the street? ¬†That’s it? After hearing that, I’m with Ms Hanna.”


Debate Audience Member. Ward 3 Resident

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