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Like most people in Oakville, as an entrepreneur and mother, I’ve had to manage the finances of my businesses and my family every month and every year of my adult life. I understand first-hand how hard it can be to make ends meet. When I first started my business, success often seemed far less likely than failure. But, like you, I was always careful with my money, never over-extending myself or spending money I didn’t have.
I understand the significant impact tax increases can have on people’s lives. It can mean the difference between affording, or not affording, recreational programs or braces for your children, or taking that holiday you’ve been saving for.

That’s why I’m deeply concerned with Mayor Burton’s tax and spend record.

12-Year Record of Tax Increases

Oakville’s current Mayor has a perfect record of increasing residential property taxes, significantly above the rate of inflation, every year he has been in power.

Year Oakville Residential Property Tax Increase
2007 +3.33%
2008 +9.9%
2009 +7.3%
2010 +4.29%
2011 +5.80%
2012 +6.39%
2013 +2.97%
2014 +2.07%
2015 +2.74%
2016 +2.36%
2017 +3.63%
2018 +2.51%

Source: Town of Oakville Annual Reports.

+64% Cumulative Property Tax Increase

Oakville’s residential tax rates have shown a compounded increase of 64% between 2006 and 2017 alone. That’s more than 3X the rate of inflation.

Cumulative Tax Increases Cost You $700 or More

The impact on the average residential home is about $700 in increased taxes; +44% above the rate of inflation. Oakville residents now pay $8,087 on the average home, the third highest in the GTA.

Halton Region and School Board Can Keep Taxes Low

In contrast, Halton Region has responsibly kept tax below the rate of inflation, and the Halton Public School Board hasn’t increased taxes at all.

Using Political Spin to Fool You is Wrong

Oakville residents are shocked to learn how significantly their taxes have increased. How did this happen? Some politicians try to confuse you on tax increases by using political spin – disguising the increases by combining them with the Region and School Board tax rates. Remember, their rates haven’t increased at all or have only marginally increased.

Oakville’s Spending has doubled. Read about restoring Financial Responsibility here.

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