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Better Together

Action Plan for Oakville

A Clean Kitchen

Just as it is important to our health to keep a clean kitchen, it is equally, or more, important to have a clean, ethical municipal government for the health of our Town.


Oakville’s Code of Conduct Needs a Significant Upgrade

Activities by the Mayor and a former councilor have seriously diminished the integrity of Town Council, exposed the inadequacies of Oakville’s current Code of Conduct and Council’s ability to enforce it.

Oakville Doesn’t Want Criminals Serving on Council

It is a breach of the public trust for sitting Councilors charged with a criminal offense to continue in a position of trust as an elected official. As Mayor, I will work with Council to update the Town’s Code of Conduct to require that any councilor charged with a criminal offence must immediately take a leave of absence, and any councilor who pleads guilty or is convicted must resign their seat.


Conflict of Interest Between Town Staff and Budget Approving Elected Officials

It is generally accepted to be a conflict of interest for any senior government staff member to sign the nomination papers of an elected official who has approvals authority over their budgets.

I will work with Council and the Town to ensure it is clear in the Town staff Code of Conduct that signing the nomination papers of an elected official with authority over the nominator’s budget is a conflict of interest for senior City staff.


No More Secret Deals with Developers

Citizens and Councilors who fought to preserve the Saw Whet portion of the Merton Lands have every right to be outraged by the Mayor’s backroom deal with developers, despite his commitments to protect it.

As Mayor, I will end backroom deals with developers and I am committed to open and transparent interactions with the involvement of the respective councilors.


Integrity Commissioner in Oakville is Long Over-Due

An Integrity Commissioner is a neutral, independent officer who oversees the conduct of elected and most appointed officials, and can police integrity and breaches of the Code of Conduct. The provincial government has mandated that, starting in 2019, municipalities must have an Integrity Commissioner who can conduct investigations upon complaint of potential conflicts of interest or Code of Conduct violations. I fully support this legislative change and having an Integrity Commissioner available to Oakville Council and residents. As Mayor, I will advocate for a shared Integrity Commissioner at the Regional level who has strong authority to investigate every Municipal and Regional body, including Town-operated entities like Oakville Hydro.

End Intimidation and Disrespect at Town Hall

Dismissive, disrespectful and domineering treatment of any citizen is unacceptable from anyone serving in a political office, and especially from the Mayor. See Mayor Sets Tone of Welcome

High Stakes Brinkmanship in Dealing with Volunteer-Led Community Groups is Unacceptable

Oakville has beautiful harbours and a waterfront that all citizens should be able to access and enjoy. As Mayor, I will continue the Oakville Council’s work to increase residents’ access to this cherished lakefront.

However, our Mayor’s bullying, brinkmanship has needlessly created a crisis-like atmosphere amongst property owners and historic boating and sailing clubs. This is not an isolated incident. The Mayor’s domineering and disrespectful treatment of residents and community groups is sadly common. I vehemently disagree with this treatment of Oakville residents. As Mayor, I am committed to collaboration with community groups and finding common ground. I am not afraid to make hard choices for the community, but will always seek a solution that works for all parties.


Supporting Police Services and Safety in Our Community

Feeling safe is an important factor in creating a sense of belonging and community. Local residents consistently raise concerns over break-and-entry and car theft in their neighbourhoods. As Mayor, I will support our Police Services. I will also advocate for greater neighbourhood patrols by Halton Region Police Services as well as support neighbourhood safety strategies at the municipal and regional level.

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