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To the residents of Oakville, saving all the green space of Glen Abbey Golf Course is not a partisan issue. Glen Abbey Golf Course is a landmark of our community and an important part of Oakville’s history and identity. And now, it is under threat of being developed.

Glen Abbey is a beautiful green space at the centre of our community, but many life long residents say they’ve never been past the gates. My approach and vision will preserve Glen Abbey for the benefit of the entire community.

The Council has opposed the owner’s development plan by supporting a legal position enforcing the heritage by-law that designates Glen Abbey as a golf course. However, many legal experts say the legal route is high risk. If the Town wins, Glen Abbey will always be a Golf Course.  If the Town loses, there is no other plan. The present administration has put all of their eggs in one basket.


I fully support the continuation of the present court challenge to enforce the heritage by-law.

However, I will immediately act to consider every avenue open to save all of Glen Abbey from development. My vision is that Glen Abbey be available to everyone – not just golfers, it could be the Central Park of Oakville, but I will open consultation and dialogue to find the best green vision for Oakville.


Yes, the current legal action will continue, but in parallel I will engage in a consultation process with the people of Oakville and solicit input from legal, financial, tax, real estate and banking experts. I will engage all levels of Government as well as explore partnership and philanthropic options. When, and if, an alternative approach is determined, legal action could be replaced.

As Mayor, I am committed to save all of Glen Abbey for the benefit of ALL of Oakville’s citizens.

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