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Oakville’s Mayor Must be Non-Partisan

Why Being Non-Partisan is Vital to Controlling Growth in Oakville
The Province makes the rules on growth

The provincial government controls growth across the GTA. Through Places to Grow and other legislation, the Ontario Government mandated explosive growth targets and aggressive regulations on where and how municipalities will build to accommodate that growth. The rapid and intense growth Oakville and many other communities recently experienced is very much a result of implementing the Province’s Places to Grow agenda.

The Ontario Ministry of Finance identifies that “Halton is projected to be the fastest-growing census division in Ontario over the projection period (2017 – 2041), with growth of 56.2 percent to 2041.”

As the chief advocate for the Town, it is essential that a Mayor be able to both challenge and work with Provincial Cabinet Ministers and Ministries to manage growth to best reflect the character and goals of Oakville.

Too Much Bad Baggage to Protect Oakville’s Interests

The current Mayor is ill-equipped to represent Oakville’s interests with the newly elected provincial government. His record includes:

  • Using his position as Mayor to funnel Oakville Hydro money to support his preferred party in a provincial election.
  • Disgracefully calling Canadian war veterans “brown shirts” (fascists) to score partisan points.
  • Putting political partisanship ahead of Oakville’s interests in the critical early stages of the Gas Plant proposal to locate in Oakville.
Oakville’s Mayor Must be Non-Partisan to Control Growth

With a new PC Party in power at Queen’s Park, a Liberal Government federally and a wide range of views being held by our Region and fellow GTA Governments, it is vital that Oakville’s Mayor clearly be seen as non-partisan.

As Mayor, I am committed to always putting Oakville’s interests first – not any one political party’s. I am committed to working with all levels of government and political parties to champion Oakville’s interests. And I am committed to standing up to any politician regardless of their political affiliation.”

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