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For the past 12 years, economic development has been paid lip service to, and Oakville has developed a reputation as a difficult and very costly place to locate a business. Our Town has the highest office space vacancy rate in the GTA (source: Avison &Young, West Toronto Market Report 2017) and has suffered the departure of major companies such as: Tim Horton’s, Manulife, Shredit, Mattamy, as well as many small and mid-sized businesses.

As Mayor, I will champion economic development that attracts more professional, high tech, office employers and businesses to Oakville so more people can work closer to home.

Help Existing Businesses Create More Jobs

As the Chair of the Oakville Chamber of Commerce, I had a chance to meet and learn about a wide array of businesses. One of the issues I heard over and over was that businesses wanted to expand and create more jobs in Oakville, but their plans were curtailed or abandoned because of the onerous regulations and punishing fees levied by the Town.

As Mayor, I will demand a full review of all Town fees levied against business expansion.

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