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Smart City Solution for Parking in Downtown Oakville.

With a WiFi-enabled downtown (see previous commitment), Oakville will have the opportunity to install Smart Parking Locator technology that can significantly relieve the hassle and inconvenience of locating parking in Downtown Oakville.


Find parking before you even leave home

The available parking locator technology is enabled by small sensors that are placed in every parking space and sends a wireless signal to a nearby WiFi receiver when a vehicle is parked in a spot. An app on your phone will then be able to identify the spaces that are available and, when you’ve pulled over to check, the closest one to you. Stratford is an example of a community already benefiting from smart parking technology in their downtown.


As Mayor, I will am committed to installing free WiFi in downtown Oakville (see previous commitment) and will champion smart parking technology (called “smart parking pucks”) to be installed. I will also work with Town staff and a Tech Advisory Committee (see commitment) to determine the most efficient and effective ways to expand WiFi and Smart Parking to Kerr Street, Bronte Village and other areas of Town.



Not only is this a great convenience for people visiting Downtown, eliminating the frustration and barrier of finding parking, but it will also reduce the congestion of vehicles circling in search of parking – and ultimately better experiences in our downtown will bring more people back and contribute to revitalizing our Downtown.

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