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Better Together

Action Plan for Oakville

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Town Planning Priorities

The Mayor has a leading role in setting the agenda and steering town planning.

Oakville’s Mayor Must be Non-Partisan

The provincial government makes the rules on growth across the GTA. Being able to both work with, as well as stand-up to the provincial government will be critical for your Mayor.
  • Too Much Baggage to Represent Oakville’s Interests

Inviting Residents Back to the Table

The best leaders are great listeners who champion the ideas of the community and promote unity. Too much decision making has been centralized. Julia will seek wider input by inviting the community back to the table and decentralize more decision making.

Cleaning Up Oakville’s Kitchen

Just as important to our health as a clean kitchen, it is equally important to have a clean, ethical municipal government for the health of our Town.

Vibrant Downtown Centres

Our Downtown, Kerr Street & Bronte Villages are a vital crossroads where residents, workers and visitors convene. Unfortunately, years of political mismanagement and neglect have sapped them of their vitality and jeopardized their futures.

Preserving Green Spaces

Oakville’s green spaces are one of our greatest prides but increasingly they are coming under threat.

Helping Families

Parents face many challenges at every family stage, from finding day care, lack of teenage after-school recreation, safety and lack of employment opportunities.

Denying and Ignoring Social Issues Leads to Increased Social Issues

Oakville is a prosperous community, but not for all; we are better when we identify and address the needs of those who struggle in our community.

Arts and Culture are the Heart and Soul of our Community

Many say you can judge the soul of a community by the vibrance of its artistic and cultural community. Oakville deserves better.

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