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The presence of young people and young families is a sign of a healthy, growing community. As a larger percentage of our population reaches retirement, attracting young people has become an increasingly urgent priority for municipalities across Canada. Unfortunately, Oakville is experiencing a Youth Brain Drain. They don’t play here and they don’t stay here. Oakville’s young working adult population is significantly lower than either Burlington or Mississauga (source 2016 census).

Not only are we missing an important age demographic which makes Oakville less attractive for business relocations, but the Town loses the dynamic energy that youth bring to communities and many Oakville parents have little hope their adult children can work and live in the community in which they were raised.

As Mayor, I am committed to a vibrant and flourishing community that will enable more of our adult children to stay in Oakville. I will:

  • Attract good jobs to Oakville by championing economic development that attracts professional, high tech, office employers and businesses to Oakville.
  • Demand a full review of the exceedingly onerous regulations and fees that discourage existing Oakville businesses from expanding and creating more jobs.
  • Work with Council and Town procurement to stop small entrepreneurial companies from being shut out of Town business, and enable them to compete on an equal footing with major multi-nationals.
  • Ensure a collective benefit agreement is in place with the provincial government for the new Provincial Courthouse being built in Oakville that maximizes economic benefits for Oakville job seekers.
  • Have a mix of housing options that improve the opportunity for young people to live in Oakville.

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