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Traffic congestion in Oakville is bad and only getting worst. Smart Traffic Technology can help get traffic flowing. These responsive, high-tech traffic systems monitor and adjust to traffic in real-time.


Many communities like Toronto are already benefiting from Smart Traffic Technology systems.


Upgrading and integrating all the signals on the main roads in the Town will:

  • Reduce everyday congestion markedly, by smoothing traffic flows and prioritizing traffic in response to demand in real time.
  • Reduce pollution throughout the city: stop-start driving is inefficient and polluting.
  • Enable a much more effective response to traffic incidents. The system can be pre-programmed to handle a sudden increase in traffic on any of of Oakville’s key


Oakville is way behind the technology curve and needs to invest in smart traffic technology to improve traffic flow.

Investing in Smart Traffic 2.0

The time to start investing in the next wave of Smart Traffic technology is now. Systems are being established that will not only synchronize traffic lights but feed real time data to apps and even the navigation system in cars.  These Smart Traffic 2.0 systems look “upstream” to find traffic headed toward congested areas – 2, 3 & 5 km away – to guide them around the congestion problem areas.  They’ll even tell you where to find the closest available parking spot too.

As Mayor, I will champion the early adoption of smart traffic technologies and ask Town planners to bring forward proposals for the implementation of smart traffic technologies more quickly to reduce congestion and increase traffic flow.

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