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Oakville is a technological laggard. We can do so much better.

Oakville is fortunate to be home to many of Canada’s smartest technology experts, companies and organizations.  Technology innovation is transforming our lives and the economic prospects of communities around the world.  I believe Oakville can be one of the communities that becomes a technological draw – not an also ran.

As Silicon Halton’s leadership will tell you, Oakville needs to invest in technology and open up access to non personal data but to truly leapfrog as a destination for innovation, Oakville needs to establish a community culture where connectivity, cooperation, innovation and shared success is baked into the way we work. 

As Mayor, I am committed to transform Oakville from a laggard to a leader in SmartCity technologies that improve resident’s quality of life and attract high tech jobs to our community.


I will implement free WiFi in our Downtown as part of the streetscaping and will work with experts to implement it in other Oakville community centres as quickly as possible.

  • I will implement parking locator technology so people can find the closest available parking.
  • I will push for advanced smart traffic technologies to keep traffic flowing.
  • I will work with procurement to open the door for local entrepreneurs and tech companies to compete on a fair footing with the large multinationals for Town contracts.
  • And most importantly – I will seek the advice of technological experts through a Technology Expert’s Advisory Board on how to transform the thinking of our Town’s Government to embrace a culture of innovation and technologic advancement.

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