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Mayor Burton is using the Office of Mayor to get taxpayer dollars to finance one of his election events!


Western democratic traditions restrict the use of official government resources by elected office holders for the purposes of campaigning or electioneering. Federal or Provincial politicians who contravene this tradition are routinely chastised and held accountable in the provincial and national press.



The Town of Oakville has clearly stated rules that elected office holders are not to use logos, identifiers, Town services or Town technology for campaigning. The rules came into effect on Nomination Day (May 1, 2018).


One would have thought the Oakville’s Election Guidelines (that prevent the use of taxpayer resources during a campaign period), democratic tradition and good judgment would have intervened to prevent this abuse of power. He claims it’s for a “state of town” address, but surely such events are intuitively if not legally staged outside election periods.


At a time when politicians’ judgments around truth and transparency in public office, as well as respect for the rule of law, are being held up to the light for intense public scrutiny, it’s hard to grasp why a flaunting of undemocratic behaviour would be so publicly displayed.


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