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Today, accompanied by former chair of the Oakville YMCA board of directors, Jarvis Sheridan, Oakville mayoral candidate, Julia Hanna announced her commitment to building a North Oakville YMCA. The proposal for a YMCA in north Oakville would situate it beside the Sixteen Mile Creek Sports Complex on Neyagawa Blvd., just north of Dundas Street West.


“There is a real need for recreational and community engagement facilities in North Oakville,” says Julia. “With thousands more families calling North Oakville home every year there is an ever-increasing pressure to serve the increased population. The Town of Oakville announced last week that they will be breaking ground for a new library in North Oakville near the Sixteen Mile Sports Complex and it makes sense to build the planned YMCA facility that is also slated for that area at the same time.”


Despite the need for more recreational facilities in North Oakville, the current mayor has been unwilling to consider solutions until after 2026.


“The mayor has had a proposed partnership to build a new YMCA in North Oakville on his desk for six years,” says Jarvis Sheridan, former chair of the Oakville YMCA board. “The Town loses more than $1 million on each of its recreation facilities every year. The YMCA was proposing to eliminate ALL of the Town’s operating risk in North Oakville for a 40-year period, plus pay 15 per cent of all capital costs.”


“With the huge influx of new residents in North Oakville, it’s hard to understand the mayor’s reluctance,” adds Julia. “As mayor, I will ask Council to fast-track the YMCA partnership proposal for North Oakville.”


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